100% Valposchiavo

An active cultural excursion along the Via Valtellina | 4 days

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Valposchiavo is a small, fine ecosystem in itself. The absence of tourist infrastructure such as ski resorts or other attractions have early encouraged the development of a sustainable economy in connection with nature and landscape, as well as culture and traditions. Today Valposchiavo is a showcase for sustainable tourism. For this, the 100% Valposchiavo project was awarded in 2016 by the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps (CIPRA). Discover very special and exclusive insights into Valposchiavo on this four-day walking and cultural excursion along the Via Valtellina route.

From highlight to highlight

  • An oversized camera obscura shows the fragile ecosystem of the Bernina Pass in an amazing way.
  • In the Glacier Garden of Cavaglia and on a guiding in the village centre of Poschiavo you will learn more about the nature and history of the valley
  • Pizzocheri are made from buckwheat flour. Learn more about the rural tradition and prepare the culinary delicacy yourself.
  • You will reach the Valtellina and Tirano through old smugglers' paths

Hiking and mountain trails, continuous path, little to moderately steep (T1-T2). Some surefootedness required.


Enjoying sporty activity in nature! Tour with some effort and a sweat on the brow from time to time. Do regular sport in preparation.

Hiking time without rests up to 4 hrs, up to approx. 700 m altitude difference.


6-12 guests per hiking guide

Meeting place

12.45 AM Ospizio Bernina, Stazione (train arrival 12.38 AM Ospizio Bernina Stazione)


approx. 3.00 PM Tirano


(depending on the date, an alternative choice of hotel with comparable services may occur)


Private tours on your desired date we gladly will organize for you. Get in contact with us.

Learn more about the technical and physical requirements.

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Val Poschiavo

4 days
1 possible date
from 1165.- CHF
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17.10. - 20.10.2024
4 days
Marina Grossrieder
1165.- CHF

Day 1 A first highlight awaits you right at the meeting point on the Bernina Pass. The highest station is not only the highest point of the four hiking days, but also the location of an oversized camera obscura. The camera obscura captures the unique landscape and the fragile ecosystem in a very special way. The snapshot will get you in the mood for the coming days shortly after the welcome by the guide, before you hike along the shore of Lago Bianco, on the route of the Via Valtellina, to Alp Grüm. Here, on this lodge high above the Val Poschiavo, you will spend a pleasant evening and a quiet night. (Walking time without rests: 2.10 h, distance: 7.2 km, ascent/descent: 285/390 meters).

Day 2 After a hearty breakfast, the route leads past the picturesque Lagh da Palü to Cavaglia. Visit the glacier garden, which is known for its typical alpine vegetation and rich flora, but also for the special glacier mills. The guide will tell you more about the vegetation and you will hike through the new gorge path created in 2021 and marvel at the bizarre rock formations. You will later reach Poschiavo by RhB. Learn more about the cultural heritage, traditions and history of the valley, as well as the pizzocheri. This culinary delicacy from Valposchiavo is made from buckwheat flour. Try it out for yourself under expert guidance. (Walking time without rests: 2.30 h, distance: 8.3 km, ascent/descent: 80/850 altitude metres).

Day 3 In the morning, a walk takes you through the picturesque alleyways of the Borgo di Poschiavo. Learn more about the cultural heritage, traditions and history of the valley. The bus takes you comfortably up the steepest metres before a beautiful high trail leads high above the main valley to San Romerio. The place could hardly be more idyllic for an overnight stay. The Bongulielmi family will give you a friendly welcome at the self-sufficient and therefore 100% sustainable mountain guesthouse and conjure up a delicious meal straight from the garden in front of the house. (Walking time without rests: 3 h, distance: 7.2 km, ascent/descent: 700/250 altitude metres).

Day 4 Freshly strengthened by a typical Puschlav alpine breakfast, the trail leads out of the valley on the Via Valtellina. From the late Middle Ages until the end of the 18th century, this traditional mule-train route connected Upper Italy with the Lake Constance region. Particularly important was trade of wine over the route. Across the border, the trail leads into Valtellina. The last meters down to Tirano are eased with the ride in the bus. Then it is time to say goodbye to the fascinating region. Compared to the muleteers in the past, you may now stretch your legs and take a leisurely train ride back to the north. (Walking time without rests: 3.30 h, distance: 10.5 km, ascent/descent: 200/1175 meters).

  • Guiding and support by hiking guide
  • Overnight stay with half board: 2x hotel (basis double room), 1x hut (multibed room), showers and toilets partly on floor
  • 3x dinner (100% Valposchiavo - you will be indulged with products from the valley)
  • 1x lunch including preparation of traditional Pizzoccheri
  • Welcome aperitif on day 1
  • Visit of the glacier garden
  • Village tour Borgo Poschiavo
  • Offsetting of CO2 emissions on the tour CHF 11 (according to myclimate CO2 calculator)
  • Service fee legal travel guarantee (0.25% on offer price)
  • Arrival
  • Transportation (taxi/bus) approx. CHF 30 - 40 (SBB half fare basis)
  • Snacks and drinks

Additional services:

  • Single room supplement CHF 80 (2x, night 1 and 2)

Technical equipment
  • Backpack approx. 30 l with rain cover (the backpack should not weigh more than 7-9 kg with the equipment)
  • Telescopic poles (optional)
  • 1x hardshell jacket (wind- and waterproof)
  • 1x soft shell and/or fleece jacket
  • 1x hiking pants
  • Light waterproof rain pants (e.g. Gore-Tex)
  • T-shirt or shirt
  • Underwear
  • Cap/headband and hat
  • Gloves (wind and water resistant)
  • Functional socks and spare socks
  • Hiking/mountain boots (at least ankle-high, sturdy sole)
  • Clothing and shoes for the evening (accommodation & village life)
  • Personal toiletries, earplugs if necessary
  • Breakfast and dinner at the hotel
  • Tea and lunch must be brought by yourself or can be bought in the hotel/village
  • Snacks (e.g. bars, dried fruits, dried meat)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun and lip cream (SPF 30 or more)
  • Camera and binoculars (optional)
  • Half fare Travelcard (if available)
  • Water bottle
  • Small pharmacy for personal needs
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