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Nature, culture and enjoyment - this can be perfectly combined on our guided slow adventure tours for walking and cycling in Switzerland. The slow way of traveling allows you to immerse yourself in a region and discover it with all your senses. Moving around actively on foot or by bicycle allows you to experience the surroundings in a sustainable, decelerated and therefore all the more intense way.

Experience an authentic Switzerland with its impressive natural and cultural landscapes as well as background information on history, traditions, life and people. Combined with the hospitality of selected hotels and, in particular, the enjoyment of local delicacies, our offers become a sensual and unforgettable experience for body and soul.

Our leisure hikes, slow travels and comfort treks

More about leisure hiking, slow travel and comfort trekking

Whether leisure tours, slow travel or comfort trekking, all three terms describe a very similar type of travel. Particular emphasis is placed on in-depth, high-quality experiences. Regions and areas can be authentically discovered, experienced and enjoyed with all the senses.

Deceleration and mindfulness accentuate the conscious experience and enjoyment of an environment instead of quickly and superficially hopping from one place to the next. The journey is the destination and this often leads to places off the beaten tourist track.

The trips lead through interesting natural and cultural landscapes. Nature has shaped the lives of the local population and their culture for centuries. This interplay provides exciting insights and outlooks.

Sustainability in terms of the careful treatment of nature and the environment is an important element of this type of travel. The local economy should be supported and the footprint of travelers should be kept as small as possible, for example by using public transport for transfers and not leaving hiking trails.

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What are leisure tours?

Leisure hiking or leisure tours by bicycle are a relaxed form of hiking or cycling. The focus is less on the sporting challenge and more on the enjoyment of the nature and surroundings through which the tour leads. Leisure hikes and tours by bicycle are about discovering the beauty of the landscape, experiencing the local culture and traditions and the culinary delights associated with them. On the way, you take time to consciously take in the surroundings and at the same time the activity is also a form of active relaxation and enjoyment.

Grotto Ticino

The concept of slow travel

Slow travel describes slow, sustainable and conscious travel and thus a travel philosophy that turns away from the hectic pace and speed of conventional travel. Instead of visiting lots of places in a short space of time, slow travel focuses on exploring fewer destinations more intensively. This slows down the journey and makes it possible to experience local natural and cultural landscapes, learn about the background, meet the local population and, of course, enjoy the local cuisine. At the same time, it is important to treat the nature and environment in which you are traveling with care and to do so as sustainably as possible.

Lavaux Hiking

What is comfort trekking

Comfort trekking combines the adventure of trekking with a higher level of comfort and amenities. Compared to traditional trekking with mostly minimalist equipment, comfort trekking focuses on a pleasant and enjoyable travel experience. Beautiful and more comfortable accommodation is visited, less exciting routes are covered by bus or train and, with our offers, luggage is transported from hotel to hotel so that a hike or bike ride with a light daypack can be enjoyed all the more.

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Enjoyment programs and sustainability

Fair - safe - sustainable, that is our principle for our offers and our interaction with our guests and partners and towards the environment and nature. Whether it's a leisure tour, slow travel or comfort trekking, treating the environment and resources with care is our top priority.

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out & ABOUT - Switzerland Trekking is part of Swisstainable, the sustainability initiative of Switzerland Tourism. Swisstainable stands for sustainable travel in Switzerland.