Valle di Muggio

A cultural cross-border experience in the Mendrisiotto | 3 days

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The Valle di Muggio is a typical Ticino prealpine valley surrounded by the Italian border. In the southernmost tip of Switzerland, the Mendrisiotto. It stretches from the rugged rocky cliffs of Monte Generoso to the rolling hills of Chiasso. Agriculture still characterizes the valley, in the upper part mainly in the form of goat and cow farming and chestnut trees, while further down the vineyards dominate the landscape and are already reminiscent of Tuscany.

Discover the impressive nature, culture and tradition of the Valle di Muggio, accompanied by the Breggia, which rushes through the ancient valley.

On this trekking you hike with a light daypack. Your luggage will be transported from hotel to hotel.

Highlights of the Valle di Muggio

  • From the starting point on the summit of Monte Generoso, the view sweeps over the Mendrisiotto and Ticino, to the highest 4000-meter peaks of the Monte Rosa massif and far into the Po Valley to Italy
  • Welcome to the Albergo Diffuso in Scudellate, the "scattered" hotel! A unique project that helps the remote mountain village to generate new added value
  • Discover the old mill of Bruzella, where the typical "Rosso del Ticino", the red corn from Ticino, is still ground today
  • Hike along smuggler trails across the nearby border into Italy and listen to the stories of an old "contrabbandiere" (smuggler)
  • Bike and Wine, round off the days with a ride through the vineyards, combined with a visit to the cantina where local winemakers make one of the best Merlot

Hiking and mountain trails, continuous path, little to moderately steep (T1-T2). Some surefootedness required.


Easy - active! Light tours with some effort and a sweat on the brow from time to time. Do regular sport in preparation.

Hiking time without rests up to 4 hrs, up to approx. 700 m altitude difference.


6-12 guests per hiking guide

Meeting place

10.30 AM Capolago-Riva S. Vitale, train station (train arrival 10.21 AM Capolago-Riva S. Vitale train station)


approx. 17.00 PM Balerna


The offer takes into account the current Covid-19 regulations of the FOPH. Please note the protection concept.

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Valle di Muggio

3 days
2 possible dates
from 1095.- CHF
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12.05. - 14.05.2023
3 days
1095.- CHF
16.06. - 18.06.2023
3 days
1095.- CHF

Day 1 Nach der Begrüssung in Capolago führt die Zahnradbahn, welche mit ihren 130 Jahren die älteste betriebene Dampfeisenbahn der Schweiz ist, auf den Gipfel des Monte Generoso. Damals in der Zeit der Belle Époque wie heute fasziniert der Gipfel mit einem unglaublichen Panorama. Um eine Attraktion reicher ist der Berg heute aber mit der Fiore di Pietra, Mario Bottas eindrücklicher Steinblume. Dann führt die gemütliche Wanderung über die Grenze nach Italien, lässt alte Schmugglergeschichten aufleben, führt vorbei an den Roccoli, den Vogelfangtürmen und endet in Scudellate. Das Bergdorf, das an den obersten Hängen des Muggiotals klebt, ist bedroht von der Abwanderung. Dieser entgegen wirkt das Projekt des Albergo Diffuso. Mittlerweile werden über das Dorf verstreut in verschiedenen Häusern Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten angeboten, welche zentral verwaltet werden. – Ein besonderes Erlebnis das willkommene Wertschöpfung generiert. Abgerundet wird der Abend bei einem feinen Tessiner z’Nacht in der Osteria Manciana. (Gehzeit ohne Pausen: 3 h, Distanz: 7.8 km, Auf-/Abstieg: 180/890 Hm).

Day 2 Today's hike starts in Cabbio. Here in the Casa Contoni, one of the most important buildings of the valley, the Museo Etnografico is located, which introduces visitors to the special world of the Valle di Muggio. Now the path leads up to Passo Bonello, passing by a graa, a typical chestnut smokehouse, or the nevèra, the ancient cold-storage houses. Opposite, Monte Generoso towers and suddenly, at the top of the pass, the view extends to Lago di Como. Incidentally, the story of Cetto, where a noisy ghost is said to have resided at the beginning of the 20th century, is chilling. What actually happened back then, no one can say today. However, the people in the valley assure you that the spook has disappeared. And so you return with confidence to Scudellate and to the terrace of the Osteria Manciana, from where you can look out over the valley and enjoy a refreshing gazosa and a piece of Zincarlin, the special cheese of the region. (Walking time without rests: 3.30 h, distance: 8.5 km, ascent/descent: 515/445 altitude meters).

Day 3 Today's tour starts right from Scudellate and goes down to Muggio, the main village of the valley. The name of the village, by the way, means cairn and probably refers to the appearance of the village, whose houses stick together like stones piled up on the slope. The path continues along the cool course of the Breggia River to the mill of Bruzella. It rattles and cracks, the water wheel starts up and the mill begins to grind the Rosso del Ticino, the typical red corn as it did ages ago. Later, the hike ends in the village of Bruzella. Here you will change to the red bikes of Bike and Wine and ride through the vineyards down to the valley. Of course, the stop at the cantina, stories from the winemakers about the Merlot and a glass to taste are not to be missed before the tour through the Valle di Muggio ends in Balerna. For those who prefer, the route can be covered on the bus instead of riding a bike. (Walking time without rests: 2.30 h, distance: 6.4 km, ascent/descent: 235/530 altitude meters).

  • Guiding and support by hiking guide
  • Overnight stay with half board: 2x hotel (basis double room)
  • 2x typisches Tessiner Nachtessen
  • Welcome aperitif on day 1
  • Visit the smugglers museum and "contrabbandiere".
  • Visit the Bruzella mill with aperitif
  • Bike and Wine Tasting Tour (visit of local winemakers and their wine cellars with 3 tastings) worth CHF 100.- (you can also participate in the tour without a bike)
  • Offsetting of CO2 emissions on the tour CHF 10.- (according to myclimate CO2 calculator)
  • Service fee legal travel guarantee (0.25% on offer price)
  • Arrival
  • Transportation (train/taxi/bus) approx. CHF 25.-
  • Snacks and drinks

Additional services:

  • Single room supplement CHF 145.-

Technical equipment
  • Backpack approx. 30 l with rain cover
  • Telescopic poles (optional)
  • 1x hardshell jacket (wind- and waterproof)
  • 1x soft shell and/or fleece jacket
  • 1x hiking pants
  • Light waterproof rain pants (e.g. Gore-Tex)
  • T-shirt or shirt
  • Underwear
  • Cap/headband and hat
  • Gloves (wind and water resistant)
  • Functional socks and spare socks
  • Hiking/mountain boots (at least ankle-high, sturdy sole)
  • Clothing and shoes for the evening (accommodation & village life)
  • Personal toiletries, earplugs if necessary
  • Breakfast and dinner at the hotel
  • Tea and lunch must be brought by yourself or can be bought in the hotel/village
  • Snacks (e.g. bars, dried fruits, dried meat)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun and lip cream (SPF 30 or more)
  • Camera and binoculars (optional)
  • Half fare Travelcard (if available)
  • Water bottle
  • Small pharmacy for personal needs
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