Trekking in Switzerland - Where natural marvels await you!

Experience unique trekking adventures through the Swiss Alps and discover the untouched beauty of the mountains like never before! Hike day after day, on and on through lonely valleys, along rushing rivers and crystal clear mountain lakes and over great hiking passes with stunning views. This is trekking in Switzerland. Enjoy nature up close and actively relax far away from the stress of everyday life.

Our tailor-made tours are designed for all levels of experience - whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or already have a lot of hiking practise, we have just the right offer for you. Benefit from the knowledge of our experienced guides, who will lead you safely through the alpine mountain world, show you hidden corners that only a few know and tell you stories from left and right of the path about the region, the tradition and life in the harsh environment.

Enjoy an all-around incomparable hiking experience. From booking to tour preparation, on the trail from guiding to organizing accommodations and transfers, and after your tour is over, we will take care of all the practical aspects of your trip and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Are you ready to discover the magic of the Swiss mountains for yourself? Come with us on an unforgettable trekking tour that is guaranteed to make your pulse beat faster!

Get inspired by our "Trekkings in Switzerland".

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Trekking in Switzerland - breathtaking trails through untouched nature

Switzerland is a true paradise for all trekking and hiking enthusiasts. With numerous hiking routes winding spectacularly through the mountain landscape, "Trekking in Switzerland" offers countless opportunities to discover the great outdoors on your own or on guided trekking tours.

Whether it's a sunrise from a lonely mountain peak, a hike through the blossoms of a mountain meadow, or a tour along a rushing stream, you'll find a trail to satisfy every preference and level of ability in Switzerland. The many trails vary in length and difficulty and lead you to breathtaking viewpoints, idyllic places and cultural highlights.

Our "guided trekking tours in Switzerland" are perfect for those who want to discover the country in a small group and under the guidance of an experienced guide. The tours are designed to give you a deep understanding of Switzerland's unique nature, culture and history. They take you to remote places off the beaten path that you might never have discovered on your own.

And if you really want to enjoy trekking to the utmost, we offer "hikes with luggage transport". On these hikes we transport your luggage from one accommodation to the next, so that you can enjoy the beauty of the Swiss Alps carefree and with a light backpack.

Whether you are an enthusiastic trekking novice or an experienced hiker looking for a new challenge, "Trekking in Switzerland" offers unforgettable experiences and spectacular landscapes waiting for you to discover and explore them. Pack your hiking boots and come with us on an unforgettable adventure in Switzerland!

Trekking or Hiking: What is the difference?

Trekking and Hiking are two terms that are often used synonymously, but actually refer to different types of hiking. Whether trekking or hiking, both allow you to explore nature and enjoy the outdoor experience, but there are key differences in terms of duration, intensity and equipment.


Hiking, or walking usually refers to day trips in nature.

Hiking trips last from a few hours to a day and usually follow well-marked and maintained trails. Hiking is ideal for spending a day outdoors, enjoying the scenery, discovering the local flora and fauna, or even the culture and tradition of a region.

Although hiking tours usually do not take you to very remote areas, proper preparation and equipment are important. The route must be well planned, especially for individual, non-guided tours, and the weather forecast must be followed. Good hiking shoes with sturdy soles and rain protection are just as important as a backpack with some food and enough water to drink.

Valle di Muggio
Walker's Haute Route VCh


Compared to walking or hiking, trekking is usually understood as a tour over several days from one place to the next and on and on. Depending on the route, overnight stays are in small hotels, inns, huts or even in tents.

Since a trekking tour, unlike a hike, lasts longer, it is usually also a bit more physically demanding and sometimes leads to more remote areas. However, there are of course also pleasure treks, where the luggage is transported from one accommodation to the next and mountain railroads or buses can shorten the daily stage.

A multi-day tour requires good preparation and serious planning, as well as the right equipment. Those who wish to undertake an individual, non-guided tour should also have the necessary touring experience. Otherwise, it is recommended to book a guided offer, where the guide knows the route and takes care of the safety of the guests.

Conclusion about Hiking or Trekking

Hiking or trekking, this depends on your personal preferences, fitness level and outdoor experience. If you love the outdoors and are looking for physical activity, both options offer great opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the landscape and discover Switzerland. However, good preparation and respect for nature is always part of the equation, whether you're on a leisurely hike or a challenging trek.

Sustainable Trekking in Switzerland: Our Commitment to the Environment

Fair - safe - sustainable, these are our core values that we are committed to. We are outdoors. Our love for nature is at the heart of our trekking trips and therefore sustainability is our top priority. We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and people as an outdoor company and are committed to preserving our beautiful Swiss landscapes for future generations.

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out & ABOUT - Switzerland Trekking is part of Swisstainable, the sustainability initiative of Switzerland Tourism. Swisstainable stands for sustainable travel in Switzerland.

Safely guided by our guides

All our hiking guides have completed an approved 2-3 year course and have a diploma as certified hiking guides. In addition to safety-related and medical topics, the training places great emphasis on leading groups and imparting knowledge about nature, culture, traditions and history. Our guides also have a wide experience and know Switzerland and the offers to the tiniest detail.

The travel places across Switzerland

Our tours take you to the hiking highlights and remote corners of Switzerland. From the imposing scenery of the Bernese Oberland to the fascinating Upper Engadine, from Central Switzerland over the Gotthard massif to the mediterranean Ticino. We cross the language border to the French-speaking Switzerland and go from the most beautiful Valais hiking passes to the lonely Jura heights, we are out and about!

Accommodation and meals

In all our offers, accommodation, dinner and breakfast is usually included in the price. It is important to us to work with hotels, inns and huts that share our core values of fair - safe - sustainable. Therefore, whenever possible, we try to consider locally based businesses that value regionality and nature. Only in this way is it possible to offer you as a guest the best possible quality and an unforgettable experience.

Equipment for trekking trips

Proper equipment is essential. Your hiking boots should be well worn, have a sturdy sole and be at least ankle high. The backpack must be comfortable, take only the most necessary, the lighter the more comfortable. When it comes to clothing, we recommend different layers from T-shirts to windstopper jackets and rain jackets. This always belongs in the backpack as well as some food and enough water to drink.

Technical and physical requirements for trekking in Switzerland.

Our trekking tours in Switzerland are classified into five different levels of difficulty, from very relaxed to demanding. They are divided into a technical and a physical aspect. The physical requirement describes the fitness level, which is important as a prerequisite to participate in an offer. In addition to the general fitness, the average hiking times and altitude meters in the ascent and descent are noted. In addition, the technical aspect describes the difficulty of the route from wide footpaths to exposed hiking trails in steep terrain.

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