The Team

Our guides are trained by the Swiss and German Mountain Guides Association. They have a lot of experience and know the offers in detail. We guarantee you a thrilling experience.

Dominik Abt

Hiking Guide with Swiss certificate of proficiency

Dominik, Daniel's brother, lives in Zurich, hikes all over Switzerland and leads treks all over the world. He is a full-time hike leader and writes for various magazines.

Christian Werder

Hiking Guide ASMG

Christian is from Lucerne. Today he lives in the Entlebuch. As a gardener he has a wide knowledge of the plant world. This and much more he will teach you on the way!

Daniel Abt

Hiking Guide ASMG

Daniel works as a process manager and leads hiking tours in Switzerland. He has completed the course for field ornithologist and botanist at SVS BirdLife.

Jan Reich

Mountain Hiking Guide UIMLA

Where adventure begins, Jan is at home. He lives with his family in the Stuttgart region and leads treks wherever the trail leads towards the wilderness.

Valérie Chételat

Hiking Guide with Swiss certificate of proficiency

The Biel native now lives in Switzerland and Australia. She leads hiking tours, is a photographer and has won the Swiss Press Photo Award several times.

Peter Gasser

Hiking Guide with Swiss certificate of proficiency

Peter lives in Lungern. Even as a child, he loved to "hang around" in the mountains. He has turned his passion into a profession, including additional training for alpine hiking blue/white.

Franz Widmer

Customer Service & Administration