We are out and about. Making sure that our offers are safe is our utmost priority. Our offers are guided by experienced and qualified guides. However, safety plays a key role across our entire business processes, the cooperation with our qualified partners, customer deposits and the protection of personal data according to DSGVO.


Travelling is luxury. We all have a responsibility to ensure that journeys can be undertaken as carefully as possible: we as a company and provider, each guest for themselves, and all of us as a society. Sustainable travel means traveling consciously and taking responsibility. During our trekking tours we take care to emit as little CO2 as possible. We calculate the amount of CO2 emitted (mainly during overnight stays and transfers) with the event calculator of myclimate and offset the amount through the foundation.

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We are Swisstainable

out & ABOUT - Switzerland Trekking is part of Swisstainable, the sustainability initiative of Switzerland Tourism. Swisstainable stands for sustainable travel in Switzerland.

You can find more about Swisstainable here > Swisstainable


Our offers are transparent and fair. For you as a guest, for our partners and guides as well as for the team. It is especially important to us to consider local businesses in our offers and to generate adding value. Our business is committed to achieving economic goals. However, the economic factor is valued in the same measure as the basic values of fairness - safety - sustainability.